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Yoga is an ancient science and a body of knowledge. The Sanskrit word “YUJ” derived the word ‘Yoga’. The meaning of this word is “to unite or to integrate”. So you can define Yoga as the science of uniting a person’s own consciousness with that of the whole universe. The prime goal of Yoga is Moksha also called as Vimukti, Vimoksha or Mukti which means release or liberation.

Learn From Yoga Alliance USA Certified Yoga Teachers

Yoga is a technique of controlling the mind and the body. A male Yoga practitioner is called a Yogi and a female practitioner is called Yogini. The purpose of Yoga is to unleash spiritual and mental powers of an individual. Goa has now become popular for various Yoga teacher training courses and Yoga retreats.

7 Days Yoga Retreat for beginners at Beach

We believe in bringing health and happiness together. The beautiful Arambol beach, front sea view, lustrous palm trees are an ideal place to bring people together to celebrate healthy living. We are glad to announce 7 Days Yoga retreat at Basho Cafe. The retreat will take place under the supervision of our experienced and Yoga Alliance USA certified instructors.
This program is sketched especially for beginners. The program includes primary Yoga series with main emphasis on correct alignment and injury free Yoga practice.

Retreat Cost

The retreat will cost Dollar 399. This price includes retreat charges, food, accommodation at our beach huts, table, chair, locker, free Wi-Fi, Airport/Railway Station pickup.

Schedule and Fees

COURSESLocationDates 2016Price
7 Days Yoga Retreat For BeginnersGoa3 SepDollar 399
7 Days Yoga Retreat For BeginnersGoa5 OctDollar 399
7 Days Yoga Retreat For BeginnersGoa5 NovDollar 399
7 Days Yoga Retreat For BeginnersGoa4 DecDollar 399
7 Days Yoga Retreat For BeginnersGoa12 DecDollar 399

Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Goa are extremely popular. People travel from all across the world to take up courses in this exotic place. Based in Arambol, Yoga School Ek Omkar offers 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Goa. The courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance USA.

Teacher Training Courses for Aspiring Yoga Teachers

Yoga is an Indian mental, physical and spiritual practice or discipline. The word yoga which means ‘to join’ or ‘to unite’ is taken from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’.Come and join our Yoga school in Goa Ek Omkar Yoga Center at Basho Huts & Cafe for a healthy lifestyle.
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Yoga Teacher Training in Goa at Ek Omkar Yoga Center

Ek Omkar Yoga School offer 200 Hour Yoga TTC in Goa. The course offered is accredited by Yoga Alliance USA. Yoga courses includes Hatha Yoga, Ashtanaga Vinayasa Flow and Sivananda Yoga Style. Our team of Yoga Teachers in highly experienced and certified by Yoga Alliance USA.

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Our main focus during TTC is the correct alignment of Asana(Posture), Correct meditation techniques, accurate breathing (Pranayam), proper relaxation(Savasana), proper diet. The basic aim of our program is to provide beginners and experienced Yoga students with strong technical and theoretical experience. This will enable them to perform Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with perfection and correct alignment.
Our Yoga School Ek Omkar Yoga in Goa is located at beautiful Arambol Beach, India. The beautiful coconut trees and cooling sea breezes flowing through the luscious palm trees offer the perfect location for all Yoga practices.