umbrella Host Yoga Retreat at Basho Cafe Arambol Goa India

Yoga In Goa

Basho Cafe Arambol is pleased to announce the starting of bookings for Hosting Yoga Retreats at their center for session 2016-17. Basho is going to reopen in October 2016. There is spacious Yoga auditorium for Yoga retreats available for booking. Anyone who is interested in hosting a retreat in Goa can contact them. According to Basho Cafe owners the beautiful Arambol beach, (more…)

umbrella Holi Celebration at Basho Huts & Cafe

Holi is the Indian festival of colors or the festival of sharing the love. It has a rich history in Hindu religion. It is the celebration of beginning of Spring and saying a colorful farewell to Winter. This is most popular Hindu festival in India and is now observed in almost every part of India . Holi celebrations start a night before Holi with a ‘Holika’ bonfire where people gather, sing, dance and party. (more…)

umbrella Art Meditation Therapy Workshop

basho-flower Art Chakra Workshop

basho-flower Clay Workshop

basho-flower Art meditation therapy

umbrella Beautiful Memories @ Basho Huts & cafe

There are memories that time does not erase. Recollecting the beautiful memories at Basho huts & cafe.

Basho huts & cafe invites you to party with us and create unforgettable beautiful