Art Meditation Therapy Workshop

Art Meditation Therapy Workshop

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basho-flower Art meditation therapy

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Universe is creative. Expression is creativity. Creativity heals.


Creative self expression activates and connects us with the universal healing force within us. Initiating healing by releasing stress and repressed emotions which are reasons for physical and mental problems. Using art therapy, drawing, taichi movements along with the meditations of Tantra Yoga and Zen to relax balance and harmonize ourenergy. Connecting with the universal center within, playfully entering into meditation,creative stillness.

MODULE – 3 to 4 hr module one day module


A natural cure through art!

A relaxed body and mind naturally settles into a state of well-being and calmness, which is also traditionally called meditation. Meditation practices joined with art makes Spirituality an easy, playful and creative endeavor. This process not only helps in healing stress and disorder but also helps to develop skills and powers, which are integral to work and social life. It helps focus, enhances concentration, communication skills, dexterity, confidence in action and also contributes to generating creative idea, to name a few aspects. This process also helps many to discover the natural artist within.


Natural drawing can became a lifelong tool for self expression, healing and meditation making life a journey of creativity and celebration.

Satyakam Veetrag Gupta is a yogi, artist, singer, Tai chi instructor and teaches meditation techniques. He has been a disciple of Osho for 36 years, learning, practicing meditation, yoga, art and martial arts. He also studied other modern masters, Ramana Maharishi, J Krishnamurti, Nisaragdatta Maharaj. The spectrum of his studies include philosophy and methods of Hinduism, Yoga, Taoism, Buddhism, Zen and Sufism. Satya currently lives in Goa teaching meditation and spiritual process to yoga students and also conducts Art Meditation Workshops in various cities of India teaching techniques of meditation through art and creativity. Satya is also a professional singer doing concerts of Sufi music and sound meditation


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